“ALPHA WHISPERERS, currently in progress of being written, is a brainchild of my insatiable, unstoppable quest to peel off the massive, complex layers of leadership, influence and power. Specifically, the layers at the core of the forces behind leadership gone wrong – and find solutions to turn it on its head. ALPHA WHISPERERS sheds light and exposes what I found has been majorly overlooked in the realm of power at the leadership sphere – the massive, influential and oftentimes mysterious role of alpha whisperers.

As both an alpha and whisperer myself, the responsibility to bring about positive change by channeling influence, power and wealth to purpose have become an immeasurably profound personal call to action, and revolutionizing leadership, starting with ALPHA WHISPERERS, stems from a deep conviction of that profound sense of leadership responsibility – and helping others do the same.”

– Janet C. Salazar

The book will provide the reader with an in-depth, critical and rare knowledge of who an Alpha Whisperer is — and how their unseen and oftentimes hidden power and influence impacts us individually and collectively as a society. An Alpha Whisperer has a massive, critical influence in the making or breaking of leaders and societies; in starting or stopping wars; in ending or perpetrating environmental abuse; in shaping the future — either a future where humanity and nature thrives sustainably together — or a future destined for extinction of all living things.

For her book project, “ALPHA WHISPERERS”, Janet was awarded the prestigious Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency Program, March 2023 Cohort – where she is now part of a long legacy of global leaders with diverse perspectives and knowledge, united in a common desire to realize positive social impact. Past residents and alumni include luminaries such as Maya Angelou, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., among others.

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency Program has a track record for supporting the production of breakthrough ideas and knowledge addressing some of the most complex challenges facing our world, and innovative works of art that enhance our understanding of pressing global and social issues and encourage positive action.

As one alumnus described it, “Bellagio is a heart, literally; it is the steady engine of a different pulse, and it aims to change the world.”

The author Janet C. Salazar, who coined the term “Alpha Whisperer” in early 2018 writes a compelling narrative, an invitation to get to know the heart and soul of the book, detailing her profound personal call to action that led to her creation of the “Alpha Whisperer” — starting from a painful realization of a larger-than-life truth affecting all of humankind, to a burning desire and conviction to do something about it, and a decision to make this conviction the strongest driving force behind her life pursuit of encouraging her fellow leaders and those who advise them to use their influence, power and wealth in driving positive change — and making this world a better place where mankind and nature thrive sustainably together.

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